Did You Know? R&A Offers Talent Acquisition Services – Exclusively for Our Clients

Whether you want to hire a top-level executive or professional staff, R&A is able to handle all aspects of the hiring process for you.

We offer a variety of talent acquisition services which can be tailored to your needs.

  • Consultation on best hiring and interview practices
  • Planning meeting with stakeholders to discuss hiring goals and requirements
  • Timely coordination of the full hiring process
  • Creation and placement of job posting in applicable and approved target markets
  • Managing end-to-end candidate engagement
  • Vetting applicants for skill set and experience
  • Conducting initial screening interviews of qualified candidates
  • Providing a summary report to management of candidate skills/experience and interview for assessment
  • Scheduling candidate interviews with company representative(s)
  • Implementing assessment tests for finalists, if requested
  • Conducting pre-employment consumer/criminal background check, if requested
  • Preparing and presenting employment offer on behalf of the company, if desired

Partner with a firm you already trust. Contact Nancy Allison, R&A Manager, Client & Talent Services at nallison@randacpas.com or (520) 881-4900 for more information.

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