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Whether you are looking for an experienced controller or support navigating daily accounting and regulatory requirements, we have a solution that fits your needs, when you need it.

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Do you require audited financial statements, fraud investigation or a comprehensive audit of your IT systems? Our assurance team will help you optimize your processes and minimize risks.

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For 75 years, we have been setting the standard for strategic tax planning and preparation. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, value-driven results to individuals and businesses alike.

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We specialize in helping transnational entities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors maximize global profits and solve commercial impediments inherent to the international sector.

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R&A’s most important asset is our people. We devote significant time and resources to keeping our staff current on the latest accounting topics. Our goal is to empower our team to grow in their career, building the skills necessary to serve our clients with best-in-class solutions.


R&A’s clients are more than just a name on a form—we know that each client comes to us with a unique background and our team of professionals forge relationships with our clients that span generations of families and business owners.


We believe in the power of community and in the ability of our employees to effect positive change in Southern Arizona. Our employees serve as founders, board members and volunteers in not-for-profits throughout Tucson, and we are proud of the work they do to make our community what it is.

For nearly 75 years

R&A has been committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals with comprehensive public accounting and consulting services.

Our continued success is based on a proactive approach that provides you with specific strategies that meet your financial objectives. R&A’s professional staff demonstrates our strong commitment by finding the best opportunities and implementing solutions that specifically fit your needs.

Many of our clients are still with us since the beginning and reflect the diverse and unique character of the Southern Arizona business community. These clients lead the way in international and foreign trade, not for profit service, technology, innovation as well as education and tourism.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your goals and opportunities!


Arizona’s New Limited Liability Company Act

October 15, 2019

Arizona has long had laws defining and regulating limited liability companies (LLCs) organized within the state. The first law was codified in the Arizona Revised Statutes in 1992, and it remained substantially unchanged until 2018. In 2018, the Arizona legislature enacted the new Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (ALLCA). The ALLCA will affect all Arizona…

7 Behavioral Red Flags for Internal Fraud

October 15, 2019

Fraud can be uncovered in many different ways: a tip, management review, internal or external audit, document examination, account reconciliation, or even by accident. In 53 percent of cases, however, someone at the company has noticed something amiss and alerted the company. That means there were clues along the way. It’s easy to miss these…

Why Do You Need a Business Valuation?

September 12, 2019

Why would you consider keeping your business valuation current? You might be able to think of one or two reasons, but there are plenty: What if something calamitous were to happen to you as the business owner? It obviously would mean a major change. With an up-to-date business valuation, your family will have a much…

R&A CPAs Named a Top 400 Firm for 2019

August 13, 2019

Tucson, AZ, August 7, 2019 — R&A CPAs announced today that it has been named a Top 400 Firm for 2019 by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA). It is the second consecutive year R&A has achieved this distinction. This annual ranking gathers surveys and analytical data from firms across the United States. R&A helps clients achieve their financial…

R&A CPAs Hires John Green as Assurance Manager

August 7, 2019

R&A CPAs announced today that John Green, CPA, MS, has joined the firm as Assurance Manager. John brings a wealth of experience including financial reporting and strategic planning for small- and medium-sized businesses and multi-national publicly traded companies in multiple sectors including insurance, specialty finance, hedge funds, private equity, healthcare, and employee benefit plans including…

Taxpayers should be on the lookout for new versions of these two scams

July 8, 2019

With scam artists hard at work all year, taxpayers should be on the lookout for a surge of evolving phishing emails and telephone scams. Taxpayers should watch for new versions of two tax-related scams. One involves Social Security numbers related to tax issues. The other threatens taxpayers with a tax bill from a fictional government…

Done With Taxes This Year? Use 2018 Return to Get 2019 Withholding Right 

May 2, 2019

WASHINGTON — Millions of taxpayers filed a 2018 tax return in the last few weeks, making now a prime time for everyone to consider whether their tax situation came out as they expected. If it didn’t, they can use their recently finished 2018 return and the IRS Withholding Calculator to do a Paycheck Checkup and…

How Will The Mexican Tax Reform Impact You?

January 17, 2019

Although Mexico’s budget for 2019, which entered into effect as of January 1, 2019 does not include any new taxes, there are some changes that should be kept in mind during this fiscal year such as: Elimination of universal offset One of the most significant changes included in the 2019 tax reform is the elimination…

Will You Be Taking Advantage of the New 20% Pass-through Business Deduction This Year?

January 16, 2019

One of the most talked about changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the new 20% deduction afforded to qualifying businesses. This deduction applies to income from pass-through entities and may provide a substantial tax benefit to individuals that qualify for the deduction. What exactly is the pass-through business income deduction? The deduction…