Mission Statement


R&A CPAs is an established advisory firm that supports our clients through comprehensive financial services, earned trust, technical expertise and a consultative approach. Our professionals differentiate us as proactive partners who interact with our clients and our community in an effective, intentional way in order to educate, empower, support, and provide a wholistic set of solutions to our clients’ overall individual and business goals. We are no longer just accountants. Our knowledge, technology, processes and commitment to quality are only the ways we do business (not how). When we take time to understand our clients’ goals and give them practical advice, we are able to change lives.

Our best clients are those that value our proactive services as their partner, advisor, and comprehensive solutions provider. These are clients that have complex needs that are solved with the educational depth, technical experience and empathetic abilities we hope to possess. These clients value our services by referring new clients and using a broader range of our services. We help a wide variety of individuals and businesses that are growing and/or high net worth and located in Tucson, southern Arizona, nationally and internationally.

R&A CPAs’ core philosophy is based on principles and values that are embodied by all members. Trust, integrity, honesty and teamwork are the basis for our daily interaction both personally and professionally. Educating and providing opportunities for all team members in a comfortable place where we recognize work-life balance, achievements, opportunities and gratitude..... are what we strive for every day.