Did You Know? R&A Offers Outsourced Accounting, Payroll, and Advisory Services

You want to grow your business. R&A can help you do that.

Many small- to mid-size businesses are outsourcing non-core functions, including accounting and payroll. Those services can include: general ledger management, payroll, virtual CFO services, cash flow management, AP, AR, transaction processing, and controllership. The benefits of outsourcing some or all these services can be substantial.

  • Optimal use of time and money – Eliminate the need to maintain staff and the associated costs in time and money. Our professionals are solely focused on delivering accurate, exacting financials and the insights that go with them—it is what we do. Outsourced accounting and financial services enable business leaders and high-net-worth individuals to remain focused on accomplishing their financial goals. You can focus on growing your business—what you do best—confident that our team is on the job, every day.
  • Specialized insights – R&A takes the time to fully understand your business and your financial objectives. When circumstances change and you need timely advice and answers, R&A’s team is available to advise and support you. And because we are always on top of changes in our industry, we can proactively offer insights, ideas, and recommendations.
  • Scalable to meet your needs – Our services are fully customizable to your needs. From supplemental bookkeeping to outsourced accounting and fractional CFO services, to full-service advisory, we can accommodate your specific needs. Our experienced professionals work full- or part-time, as needed, for businesses of all sizes. And we are a reliable partner to businesses at any stage of their lifecycle.

We work the details so you can see the big picture – As your trusted partner, we pay your bills, record deposits, prepare quarterly payroll tax returns, produce W-2s, prepare tax returns, and supply valuable financial and tax advice throughout the year.

Take a team approach to business growth, and access robust resources to address challenges. If you are interested in the benefits of outsourcing some or all your accounting and payroll services, please give us a call.

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About this Author

Allison and her team provide a comprehensive suite of outsourced accounting and financial services to clients. Prior to joining R&A in June 2018, Allison worked in the nonprofit sector for thirteen years. Her experience also includes more than ten years of teaching at the university level. Allison holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and master’s degrees in social work from Eastern Washington University, business administration from Gonzaga University, and professional accounting from Colorado State University. Allison is an avid basketball and baseball fan who also enjoys travel, home improvement, and spending time with her family.