Update on Temporary Closure of Our Physical Office

All of us at R&A hope you are faring well through the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. So many have been deeply impacted by this ongoing situation; we all look forward to a safe resolution and recovery.

As Arizona begins to reopen—and some of our staff will return to the office on June 1—R&A remains vigilant about minimizing contact for our clients and our staff. Following are our current procedures should you wish to visit our office:

  • If possible, please call us in advance to let our front office personnel know to expect you.
  • If you have items for drop off or pick up and you prefer to not walk to our main entrance, please call us from the parking lot and we will go to your vehicle.
  • Our lock box remains on a table outside our entrance and you may also use that to drop off paperwork. We ask that you make visual contact with our front office personnel so they may bring your paperwork into the building on your departure.
  • Although we miss seeing everyone in person, we have the technology to participate in teleconferencing (Zoom, Teams etc.), screen sharing, or other alternatives to replace making the trip to our office. Our secure online portal for delivering or sharing documents is always a great option as well.

We will be reevaluating our procedures over the next few weeks and will advise you when there are updates. Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your understanding.

Wishing you, your colleagues, and your families good health,

The team at R&A

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