Forensic & Fraud

Corporate culture: Rotten apples could spoil your financials

Auditors often say that the tone at the top of an organization trickles down to every level of the business. Is your company’s work environment ethical and open? If not, corporate culture assessments can help prevent and detect unethical and criminal behaviors. But, to cover all the bases, your external auditors generally must work closely…

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Create a strong system of checks and balances

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires public companies to evaluate and report on internal controls over financial reporting using a recognized control framework. Private companies generally aren’t required to use a framework for the oversight of internal controls, unless they’re audited, but a strong system of checks and balances is essential for them as…

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Fraud Schemes and Prevention

Occupational fraud is defined as an employee misusing or abusing their position for their own enrichment by intentional misappropriation or misuse of company assets. This may include fraudulent acts by an employee, manager, or statutory representative. Working with an experienced CPA firm we can help you understand the potential threats and get ahead of them.

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